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Seven Delicious Rum Cocktails you should try at home

Seven Delicious Rum Cocktails only? Yes, I did a Rum week on my Instagram, introducing some delicious recipes of classics and riff cocktails I love and want to share with you. The Rum world of cocktails is full of beautiful tipples, and as much I want to share all of them, I realise it will take more than a year. Here I have a selection of a few stunning cocktails you can shake at home and enjoy for the rest of the summer.

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Seven Delicious Rum Cocktails. Let’s do this.


The original KIPINSKI cocktail calls for White Rum, Triple Sec and Grapefruit Juice in equal parts. I am doing my riff on this incredibly simple and delicious classic. Replacing the white rum with Flor de Cane 12 Years Single Estate Rum. Instead of Triple Sec, I am using with Giffard Pink Grapefruit Liqueur. Finally, replacing the white grapefruit with pink grapefruit juice.

Pink Kipinski Rum Cocktail


Shake and double strain over fresh ice in your favourite glass. I am using the can glass from Urban Bar. Served with a handmade glass straw by Surfside Sips and garnished with fresh pink grapefruit.


In 1935, the New Yorker published the same recipe as Cuba Libre, but with the name Carioca Cooler. Carioca was a brand of Rum in these days. I am bringing you back in time to 1977 with recipe taken from the Complete World Bartender Guide. You can find out more about this cocktail on my Cocktail Page.

Carioca Cooler Rum Cocktail


Add all ingredients to a blender and add little be of crushed ice. Enough to cool down the drink but not make it slushy or frozen. I will say 3/4 of your ice scoop. Blend in high speed for 10 seconds. Strain into a pre-chilled glass filled with crushed ice. Garnish with a single slice of lime.


Casa Blanca Special its an old wonderful cocktail, but again I had to make a little tweak from me. So I am giving you the upgrade of ’Casa Blanca Special’. I am using spice rum instead of dark rum and replacing the sugar syrup with agave — a small change but making a big difference. As a result, you are will experience a lovely balanced short cocktail to sip slowly and enjoy.

Casa Blanca Special v2 Rum Cocktail


Add everything to a shaker filled with ice. Shake and strain over fresh ice in an Old-Fashioned chilled glass. Garnish with a cherry, orange or blackberry.

FERN GULLY FIZZ (but twisted a bit)

If you expect a fruity cocktail let me stop you now. Yes, there is a touch of fruit but not as you may expect from looking this cocktail. However, it is all with the great purpose of leave breathing space for the Rums and their flavours. Don’t be afraid to try it. Because of the two rums and Chilli Gomme syrup, you will experience a wonderful tipple.

Furn Gully Fizz Rum Cocktail


Shake well all but the soda and strain over crushed ice in sling glass. Top up with the mixer and garnish with a pineapple slice.


I pick two cocktails and combine in one new creation. The first is a cocktail called ‘Mint Punch’ mixed by Omar Machado: 1st NLC 1990 Cental. Miguel Angel Vera mixes the second cocktail called ‘Chilly’: 3rd NLC 1990 Aragua. In addition, I am bringing one of my favourite spiced rum. I could use a regular spiced rum, but the banana spiced is delicious.

Banana Mint Punch Rum Cocktail

Fill your shaker with plenty of ice and shake till chilled. Free pour in a highball glass. Demerara Sugar Caramelised Pineapple Slice and fresh mint sprigs are prefects for garnish with demerara sugar.


If you are like me, I am sure you’ll feel in love with this cocktail. I am a big fan of coffee, love my variations of rum and enjoying a delicious ice cream. What happened when I make a cocktail with them? As a result of my experiment, I have one of the best creamy tipples I ever try.


Grab a Cornetto Vanilla and scoop out the ice cream to a blender. Add the rest of the ingredients and a 1/2 scoop of crushed ice. After that, blend till smooth and serve in a milkshake glass. Garnish with grated chocolate and attach the empty Cornetto Cone with a wooden peg. However, you can use ice cream from a box and buy some empty cones for garnish.


Do you like bananas? I love them and they are always around in my house. However, bananas are lovely for using in cocktails. We often forget how many tasty cocktails are made with fresh fruits and only remember when on vacation. Try some at home and bring the holiday feeling at any time.

Voodoo Rum Cocktail

Add everything with few cubes of ice to a blender. Blend till smooth and serve in a goblet or highball glass. Garnish with the end of the fresh banana.

I hope this selection will inspire you to try some of the cocktails. Enjoy, and if you want to find out more recipes, you can follow me on Instagram or check the website time to time for new recipe updates. Also, you can subscribe to my newsletter. I usually send 1-2 emails per month.

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