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Eco-Friendly Straws Taking Over the Plastic

Eco-Friendly Straws are taking over the plastic. I wish it simple as it sounds when we say it, but at least I see a growing awareness and more and more eco-friendly straws taking over the plastic. I remember the days back in the ’90s when I start behind the bar, and the crazy use of plastic straws, stirrers and cocktail picks or decorations. No one ever thought about the harm we are doing to our planet using all of this plastic.

Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age are over, so I wonder if the Plastic Age is going to its end as well. I do hope so, and I can see more and more people start taking actions to help. A little step at the time will make a big difference. The question is: Why is it taking so long?

I know there is money, politic and who knows what else but let’s face it. We are all aware of the harm done, and as far all of us make small changes I am confident soon enough we can start feeling the differences. As a bartender who spends nearly 20 years in the Hospitality Industry, I used to use a lot of plastic, and I am not proud of that. However, I think now is the time every bartender, bar manager and bar owner to step in and start making changes. The Bar Industry is a huge thing, and we can change some things for good.

So let us look at some Eco-Friendly Straws Taking Over the Plastic

Paper Straws

Paper Straws are a great alternative and probably the cheapest one. There are so many different paper straws on the market; it will be hard to recommend what to use. A big problem related to the paper straws is the fast dissolving. Some of the straws on the market dissolve before you can finish your drink. I did experience this a few times and is not ideal. Many of the paper straws suppliers already developed the quality significantly, and you can enjoy your cocktail, shake or even hot dring for as long as you wish. One company making a quality paper straw is AARDVARK

Eco-Friendly Straws Taking Over the Plastic

Of course, you can grab any on Amazon and I am sure you will have much more fun not to say feeling better helping the environment and joining the sustainability life. Check my store on Amazon for recommended Bar Tools.

Bamboo Straws

The Bamboo Straws are my favourite so far but not the only one I use. First of all, they look amazing, feels so good when you use them and most importantly they are strong reusable and reusable. The choice for Bamboo Straws is endless but if you let me I will recommend some for you from personal experience.

Carioca Cooler Cocktail

When you buying Bamboo Straws you need to look for the diameter of the straws. You can find few options to use for cocktails and shakes or dairy cocktails. Also, you can brand your straws with your logo, name or special occasion. How cool is that? Check the quality straws from MYBMBU or TROOFLO. Bot companies offer a few sizes and personalisation of the product.

Glass Straws

Glass Straws are so good and most of all, beautiful. You can have them in so many beautiful colours, and they feel nice when using them. My only concern is the safety of this straws. If they are used at Home Bars or Bars without so much turn around during the service, the glass straws are perfect.

Hemp My Summer Cocktail

Not sure about busy places and crowded clubs and bars. Still, I am a massive fan of this straws, and I use them in my home bar all the time. The straws I use are made by hand, and this gives them much unique value knowing a human hand made each one of them. If you want to check these straws, I recommend to visit Surfside Sips and grab some for your bar.

Funky Soda Cocktail

Metal, Copper and Titanium Straws

The metal straws are not new for us and are in use for a long time. Most popular are the copper straws. Whit plastic problem being tackle on daily bases more variety of metal straws coming to the market. They are durable, easy to clean and most importantly, not easy to be damaged. One of the many companies producing artificial metal straws is Sucker Straws, and I had the pleasure to try their product. A perfect dishwasher friendly anti-bacterial, anti-rust, titanium plated, 18/8 304 stainless steel straws. I use the straws in many cocktails, but you can check one of the mine mocktails called Spring Tipple Mocktail on the picture below and see how cool the metal straw looks.

Spring Tipple Mocktail

Of course, there are many more alternatives to plastic straws, and we can talk about this for ages. Let’s take a step at the time and make sure we are all contributing and help the usage of plastic straws forever. Let’s help the Eco-Friendly Straws take over the plastic and make our planet much friendly for the other species.

Eco-Friendly Straws Taking Over the Plastic

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  • Radu @ Udarely
    Posted October 15, 2019 8:01 am 0Likes

    Totally agree with you. For us, the metal straws are the best so far. We will test the other ones too. And don’t forget about the glasses with built-in straws. They’re beautiful but also not suitable for busy places and crowded clubs & bars. Maybe just for home bars and low volumes of drinks. Cheers 🥂

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