Grasshopper Cocktail

Grasshopper Cocktail is a refreshing and creamy cocktail, and I want to show you how to make it. Created in New Orleans back in 1918 but gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s.

Grasshopper Cocktail

Grasshopper – The Green Mint Creamy delightful sip.

A Grasshopper is a sweet, mint-flavoured, after-dinner drink. The name of the drink derives from its green colour, which comes from crème de menthe. The Grasshopper Cocktail is very pleasant to drink and fabulous as a dessert cocktail. As usual, you will find the recipe and how to make it, but also I want to include something extra. The cocktail has approximately 221 calories in every serve. Is good to know is heavy on the cream and of course sugar from the liqueurs. However, this never stops me to enjoy it.

I won’t hide and admit the Grasshopper is one of my favourite cocktails during the summer. So refreshing and with low ABV is perfect for sipping in the late afternoon or as dessert after a light meal. You may want to try the Flying Grasshopper version by swapping the cream with vodka for a stronger drink. Try it or find MORE COCKTAIL recipes on the website or my INSTAGRAM feeds.

Product used for this cocktail and where to buy:


How to make

  • Shake with ice.
  • Fine strain into a chilled martini glass.
  • Garnish with a mint sprig or grated chocolate.


  • 30ml Bols Crème de Menthe Liqueur
  • 30ml Bols White Cacao Liqueur
  • 30ml Single Cream | Half and Half

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