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Cocktail videos are a fun and easy way of learning the basic and start preparing delicious cocktails at home. Learn the basic, explore the classics or take on advanced mixology. I have something for everyone with regular weekly upload on my YouTube Channel. I have also written recipes on my COCTAIL page and update the list regularly so you can find new recipes every week.

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Mango Daiquiri

Mango Daiquiri cocktail recipe is a lovely fruity and delicious. The Daiquiri is one of that cocktail you can make riffs and variations with almost any fruit.

Old Fashioned

One of my favourite cocktail I've been enjoying for years is the iconic classic Old Fashioned. It is one of those cocktails that never get old and as much sounds so simple it offers so many options for riffs or variation of making it.

Honey Sour

The Honey Sour is the cocktails I always make during the winter or when I catch a cold. Saying this, you can enjoy it at any time and any season.

Japanese Slipper

The Japanese Slipper is a beautiful cocktail, very easy to make and taste fantastic. It is one of those cocktails you think you know what will be testing, but when you try, you'll be surprised.

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